5 Backlink techniques that actually work

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When someone links to your website from their own website, then you have a backlink from them

Why are they important?

Backlinks build trust in your content and your domain, when multiple websites link back to your content as a reference, search engines interpret this as trust worthiness, therefore when someone searches for a topic, it is highly likely that the page with the most links will be shown first to the user since it has more authority on the topic.

Method 1

Link Roundups

Simply use the below formula in google search

“Keyword”+ “link roundup”
“Keyword”+ roundup
“Keyword”+ “Best of”
“Keyword”+ this week

When you find a website that has these link roundups, approach the authors and submit you content gently suggest for a backlink to your website.

Method 2

Broken Links

Broken link building is a tactic that involves finding resources in your niche that are no longer live.
Let’s say you’re on a website that talks about the origins of coffee and in that website there’s a link to a source or related article as a reference, however that source is no longer live for any reason, Thats called a broken link.
Email the owner of the website and let them know that the link they are referencing is no longer active and offer your article or website as an alternative.

There’s an easy way to find these broken links on any page using a google chrome extension called broken link checker!

Method 3


Now this is a slightly harder to achieve technique, however the results of this technique can be tremendous.

Find podcasts that talk about business like yours and ask to appear as a guest, this technique will send tons of traffic to your site and also create some quality backlinks to your website.

Method 4

Branded Strategies

The next time you talk about strategies in your posts try to use a unique name to name them.
These can include anything from a todo list strategy to an SEO strategy and anything in between, just try to give it a unique and catchy name such as “Inbox Zero”. Once you come up with a unique name and finished writing your content now its time to apply the other strategies to get attention to your content.
And if your branding strategy is good, you will get tons of websites linking to your website.

Method 5

Become a source

If you want to appear on the first page of google search, you need to get links from authority news sites and blogs in your industry.

Sign up on https://www.helpareporter.com/ and you will receive emails from reports looking for sources on certain topics.

This could take time and is not always easy but if you receive a request that seems like a good fit, send them your content and you can gain a sweet backlink from domains that have a higher authority and can send tons of traffic your way.


Backlinking to you website is a very important process that can take time and effort, however not all backlinks are the same.
Google recognizes spammy and non authoritative websites and will not treat their links back to you as significant, in fact links from spammy websites can have a negative impact on your rankings which sometimes leads to google not showing your website in the search results at all.

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